Commission Prices

Commission Prices
Detailed Portrait $30
A detailed character portrait with a minimal background.

Simple Waist-Up
$35 + $20/per additional character
A simple waist-up, pretty simple clothing/complexity

Advanced/Detailed Waist-up
$45 + $30/per additional character
Any clothing, includes a simple background, detailed and polished

Simple Full body
$50 + $40 per additional character
A simple full body commission, simple pose, pretty simple clothing/complexity

Advanced/detailed Full Body
$60 + $50 per additional characters
Any clothing, includes a simple background, detailed and polished

Character Sheet
$110 – $145
A character sheet, the price depends on how many expressions/details you want
Minimum price is $110 and that includes a back and front view and a face close up.

+ simple background = + $6
+ detailed background = + $15

If you’re interested please e-mail me at
Any references and/or information about your commission would be appreciated! If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail.
PLEASE specify in your e-mail what sort of commission you want and how detailed you’d like it to be, the more polished you want it, the more time I’ll spend on it.
I am very flexible with my prices so if you want something very simple, you really don’t have to pay the full price, and if you’d like something very very complicated, please understand that I’d like a few extra bucks.
If it’s been over 4 days and I have not replied to an e-mail, feel free to send me another one, sometimes I forget or overlook stuff, and don’t be scared of asking for a preview or about the progress of your commission.
I won’t draw:
I can’t draw full on furries, sorry :^) but animalistic humanoids are OK, most of the time.
While I don’t mind slight nsfw/nude stuff, I won’t do full on pornographic commissions.
No heavy gore stuff either, as long as it’s pretty mild it’s cool though.